At New Etown Cemeteries, we encourage our families to consider pre-arrangement of their cemetery needs. Just as preparing a will is an intelligent and responsible act, arranging for your final resting place is equally wise and compassionate. Many families are surprised to learn how many advantages pre-arrangement actually provides.

– Pre-arrangement protects loved ones from having to make difficult decisions in the midst of their grief.

– Purchasing now offers protection from future price increases.

– Eliminates a financial burden for loved ones left behind.

– Allows decisions concerning burial to be thoughtful ones.

– Provides time to discuss arrangements with family members.

– Through advance planning, payment of burial expenses can be made to fit your budget.


Well taken care of cemetery.

-Scott Evans

Well Taken Care Of


Thank you for helping me with my parents’ grave and getting the urn unstuck! It was a pleasure to meet you and hope you have a great birthday on the 11th!


– Kay Sturdivant

Thank you for helping me with my parents’ grave–

I was able to return to Kentucky two weeks ago. I visited the family graves of Garland Johnson and Bernard & Edith Mae Henderson, Becky Eaton and Jo Ann Henderson. I am so thankful for the TLC you give these places. Thank you and love!

-Connie Henderson Nelson

I am so thankful for the TLC you give these places!

Thank you for the beautiful vase and setting it. It is exactly what I wanted. The color is such a good match.

-Evelyn Vance

It is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for your kindness with Mom’s funeral. You all have been so nice.

-Kay Sturdivant

Thank you for your kindness…